Bashak Supply

Active since 2019, Bashak Supply has adopted flexibility and quality as its main principles. We supply all types of products needed by public and private companies in such a way that you save both time and money. In summary: We are with you when you need us.


Don't waste time looking for products among so many things!
Başak Supply was founded in 2019. Since its inception, our company has been engaged in the supply of various landscape works, repair and construction materials, plastic doors and windows, electrical equipment, chemical cleaning products, various furniture items, and many other products and materials.

Our duty

With our extensive experience in the industrial sector, we provide local B2B customers with any product and service. Whether the product you need is a small nail or a large pipe, For us, efficiency is important, not scale.

Our goal

The main goal of our business is to offer customers maximum savings in time and costs.