Bashak Construction

Başak Group is an invaluable partner for projects of high complexity and size due to its innovative ability and special talent in the field of construction


Quality construction begins with the relations built correctly.

The reason of selecting of our customers us over and over again arises from that we accept them as a member of our team, that we work more to satisfy them.

Bashak Group is an irreplaceable partner for the projects having high dimension and complexity, for innovative capability and special talent in the field of construction. Every occasion happening in the market causes our excitement. We observe the occasions carefully for many years and meet them with complete confidence. The attention arisen from this ambition and internal motivation provides deep knowledge and high standards.

During these years we have sticked to our principles and protected our prestige. Our main aim is the satisfaction of our customers on the results of cooperation.

We will be your partner and real member of your team that you can trust in!